From its incorporation in 1999, Dolphin Services has been recognized for its expertise and knowledge of the sea trades in the region.

This expertise was initially forged thanks to tourism, cruise and scuba-diving activities as well as passengers and goods transportation.

Today, it is an important part of Dolphin Services business activities.



Unite Legere d'Intervention Sous-marine



-  Hull structure visual inspection

-  Underwater Inspection with photos.

-  Underwater video (non-live).

-  Underwater video (CCTV)  Approved :

-  Video editing

-  Synthesis Report        

-  Propeller and tail shaft measurements.

-  Rudder Pintle Measurements

-  Ultrasonic measurements.

-  Placing of autoclaves and valve support.

-  Hull fairing.

-  Clogging by application of specific resin.

-  Welding.

-  Welding of waterways / Anodes.

-  Dock inspections.

-  Control and adjustment of platforms.

-  Control of blocks or chambers, which are used for the construction of piers.

-  Inspection of reservations, used to protect the wharf.

-  Inspection of protective berms.

-  Inspection of sheet piles.

-  Inspection after concrete casting.

-  Inspection of piles.

-  Single beam bathymetry and Side Scan Sonar.

-  Underwater reporting.

-  Drawings of consolidation plans and synthesis report.

-  Dock repair, resin, concrete formwork.

-  Dock construction.

-  Platform adjustment

-  Underwater concreting.

-  Mud extraction.

-  Construction of protective berns, by elements. Accropode / Tétrapode / riprap.

-  Refloating of objects.

-  GPS positioning

-  Hydraulic geotechnical investigation

-  Hydraulic coring.

-  Bathymetry by surface support

- Topo-subaquatic profiles / Underwater topographical survey

-  Underwater welding / anode / doubling.

-  Underwater cutting of piles / sheet piles.