From the genesis, the recce to the shooting of the project, we provide assistance on artistic matters, organizational, technical and financial constraints.



  Provider of qualified workers

  • Executive producer
  • Location manager
  • Walk in casting
  • Bilingual production and direction assistants and interns
  • Additional workforce for décor setup/crafting, power department, machinery, costumes, make-up
  • Drivers

♦  Local resource mobilization, included in the sub-region countries

  • Your creative needs

Wide and diversified choice of shooting sets (on location, rural setting, substitution set), small part and walk in casting, accessories and play vehicules (boats, planes...), animals, underwater and aerial shooting...

  • Your logistics needs

Temporary gear importation clearance, rush dispatch, equipped offices, workshops, secure parking, transportation of people and gear, mobile canteen, accomodations, travel agency, insurance, army and police collaboration...

  • A local support for
    • Standing link with authorities (film authorizations, administrative work...)
    • Work plan
    • Pro forma for shooting, local budget management...
    • Employment of workforce, contractualization of suppliers...