About us
About us

The Adventure of Dolphin Services began in 1999 with the creation of Dolphin Excursions. At this time, the Dolphin’s services were based on three activities: transportation, excursions (outings) and diving.

In 2001, it invested and bought boats for excursions and it is now the largest part of its current activities.

The same year, the BBC Channel made ​​a series of reports in Djibouti and Dolphin became his representative and partner (cf. CINEMA section).

Also in 2001, Dolphin created a hosting site on Moucha’s island in collaboration with SHERATON. Dolphin went out of the project the same year because the public did not responded well to the project.

From 2002 until 2006, Dolphin bought two new boats which were the DELI and the EOS to increase its transportation facilities. Thereafter, it yields some of its ships, but keeps utilizing these boats, because from now on, Dolphin works with partners and shareholders.

The 2008 is the year of reorganization for Dolphin which is refocusing on a logistic platform. It then focuses on maritime services, such as ship replenishment and passenger transportation.

Dolphin Services is also the first PADI 5 Stars Centre of Eastern Africa with more than 300 people graduated every year.

Dolpin Services is also the only company in the area offering such as whale shark cruises, but we also contribute to scientific research with several Megaptera cruises and MCSS organized every year.

Dolphin Services also supports the Decan Association which purpose is to develop a better understanding of the natural environment of the Djibouti Republic (youth education, training authorities, hosting animal victims of trafficking, protection of the cheetah ...). The visit of Decan refuge remains an unforgettable memory when staying in the area.

Nowadays Dolphin Services is organized around simple but strong values ​​: respect (of the environment, people, cultures, ourselves and others), duty (towards our customers, our employees, our impact on others) and fun (without which no great things cannot be done ) ...

After 14 years of experience in Eastern Africa, Dolphin Services is a company renowned for its thoroughness and professionalism. We continuously train and develop our staff (language, professional training) in order to always guarantee better services to our customers